Custom Software

Custom software development is often used for companies that have unique business processes that aren't easily mapped to specific technology products. It's an effective approach-if done with the necessary foresight. We've spent the past 12 years crafting custom software. It's because our partners see how effective we are at it.

Our Customised Applications include:

Following is an inclusive but not an exhaustive list of the applications that we have developed. We are continuously learning new languages and trying new things so that we can gain customer satisfaction to the fullest.

  • Tailor-made software applications
  • E-Business and E-Commerce solutions
  • Web Application Development
  • Web Component Development
  • Database Application Development/Management
  • Client/Server Applications
  • Mobile Application development
  • Product Development
  • XML Application Development
  • System Integration and many more.

Process of Development

Comprehending Requirementskeyboard_arrow_right
Comprehending Requirementsclose

Firstly Analytics team comprehends the needs of the clients in terms of the software required

Blueprint developedkeyboard_arrow_right
Blueprint developedclose

Rough draft is created after discussion with the developer in terms Language, cost and time


The draft is then sent to the client for approval and for deciding the variables.


The draft is then sent to the client for approval and for deciding the variables.


The milestones are created by the Analytics to ensure that the production is going as per the plan. These milestones are also sent for approval to the client so if any changes are required they can be done at that time itself.


Final stage is the delivery of the product


To keep the application viable regular changes are made.

Benefits of Custom Software Development

Choice of language

You can decide the Framework, language as per your requirement

Cost Effective

As it will be made to order the cost can be minimised by excluding the unwanted features

Quality Products

The end result will surely be dynamic

Time constraint

Qualityproducts will be developed within the time frame so as to achieve the business goals.