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Gwick is a robust social and professional application that connects friends, consumers, clients; it helps in sustaining them and also enhances loyalty.

Tech Stack : iOS, Android, Web App, Angular.JS, Node.JS, Socket.IO, PHP, HTML5, CSS3

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Gwick App
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About Gwick

Gwick is a social and professional networking platform.Being one of the pioneer architects of the global gift card platform we are well aware about itsnitty-gritty’s. Hence we have hands on experience that will ease your business transition process and also empower your gift card strategies.

Vision & Solution

This application offers a personal touch to all its transactions. It was built to connect friends, consumers and clients across the globe. The usp (ultimate selling point) of our gift card solutions is that it fosters an emotional and personal touch with the clients. Due to this the brand value and brand reach increases by leaps and bounds thus guaranteeing instant success.

Gwick Vision & Solution
Gwick Key Features

Key Features

  • Social and business platform
  • Innovative gift card strategies
  • Personal touch
  • Widespread brand value and reach
  • Multi fold increase in sales
  • Easy business transition