NokDok for Doctors

This application was developed for empowering the doctors, staff and patients

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NokDok for Doctors
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About Nokdok

NokDok is a mobile application that keeps the doctors, clinical staff and patients in constant communion with each other. Herein we can schedule appointments, interact with doctors and their staff,always stay updated, live chats etc. Basically it bridges the gaps between patients and doctors.

Vision Solution

The logic behind this application was to enhance the communication skills between the patients, doctors and the clinical staff. Many a times we are unable to contact the doctors due to unavoidable circumstances but through this app you can at least message the doctor and get the needed help immediately. Moreover messages save a lot of time and energy.

Nokdok Vision & Solution
Nokdok Key Features

Key Features

  • Doctors,clinical staff and patients registration
  • Instant access
  • Live chats (messenger)
  • Visibility
  • Appointment scheduling
  • Interactive