Data Analytics

With the help of technology we have access to a large pool of data. But not all data is useful, it is very essential that the data is filtered, checked to deduce rightful information from it. At this juncture GeekMindz comes into play by designing products that bridge the gap between existing enterprise processes and consumer processes thus mitigating the decision making process.

Data Analytics Service
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Importance of Data Analysis?

Importance of Data Analysis?

Data analysis helps enterprises maximise their profit and unleash their latent potential. It identifies the new and relevant opportunities thus enabling the enterprises to formulate strategies that will accelerate their growth and scalability. Enhanced performance, flexibility and good decisions are a result of proper data analysis.Even customer satisfaction can be increased by effective utilisation of data analysis.

In a nutshell data analysis does the SWOT analysis of enterprises which gives them a clear view of the past, present and future activities to be done that can help them achieve new heights. Following are the three reasons why data analysis is important.

Data Analytics Procedure


Firstly the information is collected from all the available sources and is stored in one place. Then the following steps follow:

  • Data Collection
  • Prepare a code book
  • Create the structure for the data
  • Enter the data
  • Screen the data
  • Deduce relevant data
Benefits of Data Analysis

Benefits of Data

  • Informed and precise decisions
  • Quality products
  • Minimise wastage
  • Enhanced performance
  • Increased profitability
  • Crisp marketing strategies
  • Accelerating time to market