Ideating and

GeekMindz is a leading cost effective global software outsourcing and development company located in India & Canada, who endeavors to build qualitative and cost effective products & services within the stipulated duration. We have a competent and experienced team of engineers who can develop customized dynamic solutions and mobile application in native as well as on hybrid platforms like ionic and react-native. We continuously strive to integrate innovative aspects in the software solutions so that the web and mobile application can be more interactive and user friendly. Before starting and after reaching each milestone we brainstorm to ensure that we have accomplished the desired goals; this practice enables us to deliver bug free qualitative products to our clients.

Mobile App

Our core competency is Mobile Applications with hands on experience in Android and iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod) applications. We conceptualize comprehensive solutions that can automate and simplify each and every aspect of business and personal life. Our team of qualified developers aims to devise unparalleled customized solutions for our customers for which they strategies and create checkpoints that facilitate them to realize their aim easily.


We are committed to creating intellectual Designs that are user friendly and affirm an enriching experience. We idealize that the design of any application should be such that it is easy to contemplate by anyone ranging from a kid to a geriatric. Our belief is our gospel hence we synchronize smartness and practicality in our designs.


Development is the most crucial stage as it is at this juncture that the dream will be converted into reality hence utmost care is taken to generate qualitative products. We value mutually beneficial bonds and so we fabricate fool proof development plans. We offer all kinds of web and mobile solutions as per customer requirements and wherever needed we give our inputs so that competent solutions can be crafted. We provide cross platforms, responsive webs, online stores, and maintenance services you name it and we will provide.


It is very important to have the right data at the right time and at the right place. Availability of precise data warrants creation of efficient and effective software's. Our analyst team attempts to avail accurate data from all the concerned parties so that exact blueprints can be forged which will serve as a ready reference to identify the deviations.